Sunday, April 6, 2014

Travel Squares

When Pioneer Quilters go on trips (even short ones), they most often just happen to visit a quilt shop or two, and purchase some material to share with other club members.  Back home, that fabric is washed, pressed and cut into 6 inch squares of cotton, then given out at the next Pioneer Quilters' meeting.  We call these Travel Squares.  Sometimes a member will "travel" to her stash, and share some fabric from her collection.

For this year's show, a challenge was issued to make and display quilts using these fabric tokens.  So, a special feature of our April 22-27, 2014 show will be 16 Travel Square quilts made by individual members.  There are not many rules--the fabric in the quilt just needs to be predominately Travel Squares.

Pioneer Quilters accepting the challenge picked a design and then perhaps cut those 6-inch squares into even smaller squares, rectangles, triangles or other shapes.

Here are a few Travel Square quilts to get you anxious to see all of them in person.  You might enjoy finding identical fabrics in very dissimilar quilts!

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