Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Show Time!

Saturday was take-in day.  Our efficient team received and checked in 127 quilts in a 4-hour period.  Information verified, numbers pinned on to match those in the catalog, quilts remeasured (to make sure they'd fit their assigned spot), and we were ready for Monday, our set-up day.

Rods of appropriate lengths were assigned to quilts, both of which were placed on sheets near where they will be hung.

Carol carefully planned out in advance where each quilt would be displayed, which is why accurate quilt dimensions are so important.  On Monday, she assigned all the crew members tasks to complete.  All ran so smoothly thanks to her organization skills, calm demeanor and great competence.

Pioneer Quilters and even a few helpful husbands draped the museum with the quilts.

In just a few hours the museum was transformed into an incredible quilt show.  I think hanging the quilts amongst all the vintage displays just adds to the magic.

It's a wonderful show this year!  So many remarkable quilts will just amaze you.  Check your schedule and check our speakers and demos schedule and see what works best for you.  Remember, if you think you will be able to come for more than two days, buy the week's pass on your first visit, instead of individual daily admissions.

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