Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our 2014 Raffle Blocks

A fun feature of our show each year is the raffling off of a set of handmade blocks.  This year we have a set of 24 red on white hand-appliquéd blocks.  The block design is based on a quilt that our featured quilter Lois Scott saw at the AQS show in Paducah.

A few months ago, a couple dozen Pioneer Quilters volunteered to appliqué the blocks.  The tickets are $1. each or (the bargain) six for $5.  

Hanging the blocks for display at the show

Don't forget to buy your chances to win this group of cheerful blocks!  The friendly Pioneer Quilter who hands you a program when you arrive at the quilt show can also sell you some tickets.  The winner's name will be drawn at 2:00 on Sunday, after our speaker's presentation.

Good luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Featured Quilter for 2014

Lois Blakely Scott is the Pioneer Quilters Featured Quilter 
for our 2014 show!

An Oregon native, Lois learned to sew at a young age.  She was introduced to quilting in high school by the grandmother of her future husband (to whom she's now been married 64 years).  She's been a member of Pioneer Quilters for 26 years.

Lois has made numerous remarkable quilts, in a wide variety of designs and colors.  She selected some representative quilts to hang in the Featured Quilter corner at the show.  Her fabric and design choices and workmanship are to be admired!

An article on Lois and The Unbroken Thread Quilt Show is on KVAL's website, where you can see more of her finished quilts and quilts in progress.

While you're at the show, be sure to stop in the Featured Quilter area to talk with Lois and enjoy her quilts.  You'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Show Time!

Saturday was take-in day.  Our efficient team received and checked in 127 quilts in a 4-hour period.  Information verified, numbers pinned on to match those in the catalog, quilts remeasured (to make sure they'd fit their assigned spot), and we were ready for Monday, our set-up day.

Rods of appropriate lengths were assigned to quilts, both of which were placed on sheets near where they will be hung.

Carol carefully planned out in advance where each quilt would be displayed, which is why accurate quilt dimensions are so important.  On Monday, she assigned all the crew members tasks to complete.  All ran so smoothly thanks to her organization skills, calm demeanor and great competence.

Pioneer Quilters and even a few helpful husbands draped the museum with the quilts.

In just a few hours the museum was transformed into an incredible quilt show.  I think hanging the quilts amongst all the vintage displays just adds to the magic.

It's a wonderful show this year!  So many remarkable quilts will just amaze you.  Check your schedule and check our speakers and demos schedule and see what works best for you.  Remember, if you think you will be able to come for more than two days, buy the week's pass on your first visit, instead of individual daily admissions.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Stunning Quilt Up For Bid!

Our quilt show chair, Robin Fouquette, never ceases to amaze us!  Throughout the year, this award-winning quilter has created many delightful items that will be for sale in the Boutique at our quilt show next week.  

And now this week, she displayed this show-stopper of a quilt that she's donating for silent auction at our quilt show.  Robin hand-pieced the blocks and did her usual exquisite machine quilting throughout.  Look at those feathered wreaths!

The 9 individual Trip Around the World blocks are pieced with 1.5" (finished) squares, and the entire quilt measures 53" x 71"--a perfect size for a wall hanging or large lap quilt.

Robin's label reads, "Some years ago I began making the Trip Around the World block, and made several quilts using the blocks.  I couldn't seem to stop!  The blocks are hand pieced, using Civil War Reproduction fabrics and an Indigo ShweShwe fabric from Da Gama Textiles in South Africa.  One day I found fabric I thought might work  with this diverse group of blocks and envisioned machine quilting some fancy feather wreaths."

The silent auction for the quilt begins at $350, which would be an incredible steal for this masterpiece.  The winning bidder will be announced at 3:45 on Sunday, April 27th, the last day of our 2014 show.  The entire purchase price will go to Lane County Historical Museum.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Six-inch squares for you!

Are you ready for this lovely quilt show?  
Is it on your calendar?  April 22-27 at the Lane County Historical Museum.
Have you decided which speakers and demonstrations you're taking in this year?
(See the great choices here.) 

If you're going to be able to attend more than two days, be sure to buy the weekly pass, good April 22-27, on your first day.  A one-day admission is $6.00, but you can come as many days of the six-day show as you'd like for just $16.50 with a weekly pass. Inquire on your first visit.

When you've entered and paid your admission, please stop next at the table with the friendly Pioneer Quilter handing out programs.  She will also have a selection of quartets of 6" squares for you to choose from--our thank you to you for visiting the show.

Pioneer Quilters donate the 6-inch fabric squares for these quilt show favors.  One day several people bring staplers to our weekly gathering, and we sort the squares into fours, then staple them together.  

It's a fun project for us, finding ones we think go well together.  We hope it's fun for you too, finding the set you like the best.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hot off the needle!

I assume you saw the March 18th post about all the charming items created by our Boutique Committee and for sale during the show in the Museum gift shop?

This week I was delighted to see some new items, hot off the needle!

 Microwave bowl holders

Reversible Bibs

Mug and coaster sets


Reversible dog scarves, in 3 sizes.  Loyal model not included.

Shop early--most items are limited or one-of-a-kind.  When they're gone, they're gone!  
And remember--all proceeds support our Lane County Historical Museum.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Travel Squares

When Pioneer Quilters go on trips (even short ones), they most often just happen to visit a quilt shop or two, and purchase some material to share with other club members.  Back home, that fabric is washed, pressed and cut into 6 inch squares of cotton, then given out at the next Pioneer Quilters' meeting.  We call these Travel Squares.  Sometimes a member will "travel" to her stash, and share some fabric from her collection.

For this year's show, a challenge was issued to make and display quilts using these fabric tokens.  So, a special feature of our April 22-27, 2014 show will be 16 Travel Square quilts made by individual members.  There are not many rules--the fabric in the quilt just needs to be predominately Travel Squares.

Pioneer Quilters accepting the challenge picked a design and then perhaps cut those 6-inch squares into even smaller squares, rectangles, triangles or other shapes.

Here are a few Travel Square quilts to get you anxious to see all of them in person.  You might enjoy finding identical fabrics in very dissimilar quilts!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Switching to high gear

It's April--our quilt show month!  In case you're new to this blog, Pioneer Quilters is holding its 38th annual quilt show, The Unbroken Thread, at the Lane County Historical Museum, April 22--27, 2014.   The museum opens at 10:00 each morning, Tuesday--Saturday, and noon on Sunday,  and closes at 4:00

We have daily speakers at 1:00 and twice-daily demonstrations at 10:30 and 2:00.  Check HERE for the exact schedule of presenters and topics.  You'll most like find several you'll want to attend.  Weekly passes are available for $16.50, as an alternative to the daily $6.00

All of the quilt show committees are switching to high gear.  Club members are busy at many different tasks before, during and after the show, in addition to putting the finishing touches on the quilts they're entering.

We hope you've got it on your calendars!