Sunday, March 13, 2016

Catch our Daily Speakers and Demonstrations

I hope you've marked the dates of our 2016 Pioneer Quilters' Unbroken Thread Quilt show on your April calendar.  If not, here's your reminder--it's April 5th to 10th.

Now to get down to the details.  Of course you'll want to the enjoy the 100++ quilts, but there's more!  Everyday from 1:00 to 2:00, we have scheduled a speaker for your pleasure and edification.  I encourage you to come enjoy several.  While a one-day admission is $7, you can get a pass good for all six days of the show for only $18.

So, pick the speakers you don't want to miss, and be sure to mark those dates on your calendar.  Some folks come every day for a week full of information and fun!

Another wonderful daily highlight is our assortment of demonstrations.  Drop by the demo table every day between 10:30--noon and 2:30--4:00 (afternoon only on Sunday) to see what gems of information are being imparted.



10:30--12:00          Demonstration:     Creating with Selvages, with Caren Ross and Sue Oja

1:00--2:00              Speaker:                Bob Welch  Author, inspirational speaker, Award-winning

2:30--4:00              Demonstration:     Hand Appliqué, with Pat Glassow

10:30--12:00          Demonstration:     Playful Banners, with Barbara Trunnell

1:00--2:00              Speaker:                Cheryl Malkowski   Award-winning quilter, teacher, author,
                                                             owner of Cheryl Rose Creations patterns

2:30--4:00              Demonstration:     Chenille, with Cheryl Malkowski

10:30--12:00          Demonstration:     Happy Body, during and after your task, hands, posture,
                                                                            neck, and back comfort, with Janet Hollander
1:00--2:00              Speaker:                Ann Rogers Pfrender and Heather Kliever, showing quilts
                                                             from the Lane County Historical Museum's collection

2:30--4:00              Demonstration:     Foundation Piecing, with Carol Gassman

10:30--12:00          Demonstration:     Appliqué Carrier, with Sheila Steers

1:00--2:00              Speaker:                Judy Peterson and Angelia Peterson   Award-winning Art

2:30--4:00              Demonstration:     Modern Quilts, with Jenny Bonygne and Daisy Schrock

10:30--12:00          Demonstration:     Binding Trick, with Denise Crawford

1:00--2:00              Speaker:                Margaret Ferguson  Award-winning quilter and teacher
                                                             Quilting with Speed

2:30--4:00              Demonstration:     Easy Cathedral Window Pincushion, with Jeanne Wong

1:00--2:00              Speaker:                Mary Goodson  Fiber Artist

2:30--4:00              Demonstration:     Days for Girls, with Susan Mondon

Some of our speakers will have items (books, patterns, quilts, etc.) to sell during/after their presentations.

Here are a few websites connected to this year's programs:

Margaret Ferguson                     

Cheryl Malkowski                      

Susan Mondon                            and

Judy and Angelia Peterson         

Bob Welch                                  

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