Thursday, February 25, 2016

A typical day at Pioneer Quilters

A big part of being a Pioneer Quilter is enjoying the friendships of the other members.  We get together once a week, and typically begin quilting at 10 a.m., catching up with each other's news as we take our stitches.  

We have quilts in three frames, each quilt numbered by its "seniority."  We fill up the chairs around #1 first, then #2, and then #3.

We break for our meeting with snacks at 11:30.  We all take our turn at bringing snacks with a partner, about once every 3 months.

Sometimes we celebrate a birthday (or two) with a pretty cake.

Our meetings typically end with Show and Tell.  

It's a wonderful mini-quilt show that we look forward to each week. 

We have so many gifted quilt makers, it's quite a treat!

Members drape the quilts that they've shown over some chairs, so that we can take a closer look after the meeting.  

Some quilts can be held in one hand, others require two tall people to show.

Sometimes they're decades old, other times just completed.

It's a really special part of our day!

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Janet said...

Looks like a great group!