Monday, April 20, 2015

You can win these blocks!

A popular feature of our quilt show is the raffling off of handmade blocks.  This is the 6th year Pioneer Quilters has had blocks to take your chance on.  

Our 2015 blocks are perfect for spring.  At our meeting each week, we have been delighted as we see new ones brought in and displayed on a design wall for our whole group to enjoy.  Here are the first eight finished blocks, 
Then with five more brought in . . . 

Aren't they sweet?

 You will find all twenty on the black cloth at our show, along with a photo of the vintage quilt block that was the inspiration for this year's block.

You can own all twenty lovely floral blocks by buying the winning raffle ticket.  Buy one for a dollar, or six for five dollars.  Good luck! One lucky ticket wins them all!

Here are our raffle blocks from the past few years.  We love to see quilts made from these raffle blocks of the past entered in our shows!






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Beth said...

These are lovely photos, Susan. Thanks for posting!