Wednesday, April 8, 2020


A couple of weeks ago pleas went out nationwide and worldwide for fabric masks.  The masks don't have the ability to protect you from the corona virus, but do a pretty good job of protecting others from your germs.  So, as the Czechs are saying, "I protect you.  You protect me."

There have been many articles in the media internationally about how sewing volunteers are jumping in, forming information-sharing groups, posting patterns and tips, and donating their time and supplies to get the masks made and distributed.  The New York Times posted this one today.  The Cottage Grove Sentinel featured our own Robin Fouquette and the many masks she's created in their April 1 issue.  Many governments, local, state and national, are urging or requiring everyone to wear a mask when they leave their homes.  Los Angeles just joined this group today.

We quilters just happen to have a wee bit of fun and beautiful fabric in our homes, and we jumped at the chance to use it to help keep our family, friends and community a little safer.  There are several styles of masks available, and many of us have made a variety before settling on one we personally prefer.  For us, probably the most fun part is the fabric, and we Pioneer Quilters been sharing some photos of our creations with each other.  Many are now in the hands of local essential workers, while a few others have gone to friends and family members here and across the country.

Enjoy a peek at our online Show and Tell, just a sampling of the several hundred masks Pioneer Quilters have made and distributed in the past few weeks.  So many styles, and such fun fabrics!

Thursday, September 19, 2019



The quilts are amazing, delightful, beautiful works of art!  Wait until you see them!

The vendors have a wonderful and inspiring array of wares--I can't wait to take some of those treasures off their hands.

Lots of creative talent went into this year's great selection of items in our Boutique.

When you come in the lobby and pay your admission, there's a handout list of places to eat in Cottage Grove.  

When you go up the steps at the front corner of the building, you'll enter the lobby.  If steps are difficult for you, there's a gently inclined ramp on the right side of the building.

The lobby is also where you can see all 30 of our exquisite raffle blocks, and purchase your tickets.  They are simply beautiful!  What a great quilt they'll make.  

Parking!  On-street parking is 2- and 3-hour, but on some blocks there's no limit.  The funeral home across the street has said our guests can park in their lot, leaving the designated spots available for staff on Thursday and Friday.  On Saturday, the whole lot is available.  

There are also city parking lots nearby that are 3-hour parking.

We hope you enjoy our 2019 show!

Sunday, September 15, 2019



We are SO excited about our 2019 Unbroken Thread Quilt Show.  The Cottage Grove Armory (628 E. Washington Avenue, Cottage Grove) is such a spacious, light-filled and appealing historic building--we can't wait to see it festooned in quilts.  

Image result for cottage grove armory

And there will be so much going on . . . 


Tuesday, September 17.  If you've had one or more quilts accepted for the show, this is the day to bring them to the Armory, between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Be sure you have a 4" sleeve on the top back of your quilt, and have sewn the paper Show ID label to the bottom left corner on the back. Don't forget to bring your Entry and Loan Form along with your quilt.

Sleeve along the top edge
Label in bottom left corner

Wednesday, September 18.  This is a day the Pioneer Quilter elves do their magic behind the scenes--hanging the show, setting up displays, readying the boutique, putting a fresh quilt in the frame, and our vendors set up their booths.

Thursday, September 19.  The Pioneer Quilters' Unbroken Thread Quilt Show is open 10 am to 4 pm 

10:30--noon   Speaker  

     Sheila Sinclair Snyder:  Barn Quilts, Past and Present

2:00--3:30   Demonstration

     Barbara Trunnel:  Single Square Beginner Quilt

Friday, September 20.  The Pioneer Quilters' Unbroken Thread Quilt Show is open 10 am to 4 pm

10:30--noon  Demonstration

    ChrisAnn Mead and Beth Weldy:  Appliqué Prep Techniques

1:00--2:00 pm   Speaker  

     Marsha McCloskey:  A Patchwork Life
     Marsha will have many of her books (1984--2014) available for purchase after her presentation.
2:00--3:30  Demonstration
     Caren Ross:  Having Fun With Fabric Crumbs

Saturday, September 21.  The Pioneer Quilters' Unbroken Thread Quilt Show is open 10 am to 4 pm

10:00--4:00   Class
     Mindy Reeves:  Farmhouse Table Runner
     There are still a few spots available for this class.  
           Scroll back to June 1 post for photo and information.
          If interested, email

10:30--noon   Demonstration

     Barbara Fox:  Self-binding Baby Quilt

1:00--2:00   Speakers

     Ann Pfrender and Susie George:  Vintage Quilts from Pioneer Quilters' Collections
2:00--3:30  Demonstration
     Linda Steller and Lisa Ponder:  Quilt Labels

3:30  Raffle of appliquéd quilt blocks

4:00  Quilt Show closes

5:00--6:00  Pick up your quilts.  Be sure to bring your receipt form!


On-going demonstration by Pioneer Quilters of  hand quilting in a frame

A stellar group of vendors to inspire you

Our popular boutique, with hundreds of items handmade by Pioneer Quilters

Block Raffle Tickets available to purchase!  Will you be the one to win these 30 amazing appliqué blocks?  Tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00.  We'll draw the winner's name at 3:30 on Saturday.

Photo shows half of the lovely blocks.  All unique!


If you plan to be at the show more than one day, I urge you to buy a show pass on your first day, rather than 2 or 3 individual day passes.  Daily passes are $7.00 and show passes (any/all days) are $12.00.  Admission for students is $3.50 a day, and under-fives are free.


I know many of you will want to browse the shops and eat while you're in Cottage Grove for our quilt show.  COMING SOON--A list of some restaurants.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


You may have scrolled down and seen photos of some of the great items for sale in our Pioneer Quilters' boutique at past years' shows.  There are always so many delightful handmade gems!

Today I stopped in at the boutique meeting and was able to see a few of the amazing items this gifted group of Pioneer Quilters has made for this year's show.  Much more was already boxed away.  But here's your sneak preview of what was out today.

We hope you're as excited as we are!  Only 5 weeks to go!  You've got it on your calendar, right?

Sunday, July 28, 2019


Entry forms for our September quilt show are due this Thursday!

If you have quilts to enter, but haven't gotten your hands on the entry form yet, not to worry.  Just email and request one.  We'll send one to you as a PDF.  Remember to submit it by August 1st!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


These colorful show flyers give you information on what will be happening each day during our September show.  Of course all day every day you'll be able to view gorgeous quilts, and we're always demonstrating hand quilting around a frame.

Every year we raffle off quilt blocks.  We're especially taken with how gorgeous this year's blocks are--four are shown on the flyer below.  These are hand appliquéd and embroidered by Pioneer Quilters, and they're still coming in.  You can see others on our Pioneer Quilters Facebook page.

They're going to make one spectacular quilt! Tickets will be on sale throughout the show, but you can also purchase them now from Pioneer Quilters.

Saturday, June 1, 2019



We Pioneer Quilters are quite excited about the possibilities inherent in holding our show in a much larger venue in September.  A  few weeks ago, we got a chance to visit that space, the Cottage Grove Armory, and we were all delighted with those possibilities.

One of the many wonderful features of the Armory is a large room where we can gather groups for classes/workshops.  


We'll still have daily speakers and demonstrations twice a day, but now with this wonderful classroom, a third feature is being added--our first quilt show workshop!

Mindy Reeves has offered to teach a paper-pieced Farmhouse Window table runner workshop.

The class will be held on Saturday, September 21, from 10 to 4.

The pattern and paper piecing supplies will be available at the workshop.  Participants will complete at least one Compass Rose block.

Registration is now open.  Registrations will be accepted in the order received.   Please email Robin Fouquette ( for a registration form.


Will you have a quilt ready for this year's September 18-21 show?  We are now accepting entries.  If you'd like an entry form, please request one at this email:  We'll email it to you as a PDF.


Pioneer Quilters now has a Facebook group!  This blog and that Facebook page are both great places to see photos and read about what our group is up to in its 5th decade!

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